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Suprox© is a biodegradable, eco-friendly, safe and effective answer for cold sterilisation


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The History of SUPROX

During the 1960-70’s, the wholesale use of new (and often underdeveloped) biocides as a weapon against micro-organisms in food production and healthcare was prevalent and it was not until the 1980’s when it was proven that these had caused serious biological and environmental harm that worldwide action was taken to largely ban the use of these toxic chemicals from use, although some remained such as formaldehyde and its derivatives (since removed from medical use as causing asthma and cancer).

Interest was then shown in the Russian space programme which had developed a method of cold sterilisation for the microbial cleaning of prisms and mirrors used on earth orbit satellites, involving the hydrolysis of common salt across a membrane, a process called electro-chemical activation of brine (ECAB).

ECAB has since been used as a method of water treatment in commercial and industrial applications, including human waste treatment and oil exploration, ensuring that water courses and the environment have not been overly contaminated by the primary sources.

Medipure Limited

Since 1999, Jim Daly, Managing Director of Medipure has been actively involved in exploring the potential of ECAB as a replacement for chlorine which has been a most effective disinfectant for over a century, eradicating many harmful diseases caused by population growth and poor living conditions. However it has been documented and proved that chlorine when combined with organic material will produce dangerous carcinogenic products or side effects that do not allow widespread use of this chemical on safety or environmental grounds.

Suprox oxygenated water, a blend of electrolysed brine and electrolysed acid water, has been developed by Medipure and branded as Suprox to provide a unique ECAB biocidal liquid that provides the cleaning strengths and benefits of chlorine without the dangerous side effects, ensuring no toxic or other side effects to humans or animals.

As Suprox is biodegradable, it is therefore not detrimental to the environment or aquatic life.

Medipure have also developed the technology and experience required to enable the product to remain stable and active in storage for up to 24 months, making it an ideal healthcare industry cold sterilisation tool with excellent sporicidal, fungicidal and bactericidal powers whilst at the same time

Suprox© biocidal tests (Log 10 reductions)3

Suprox© Ice Baton

Safe and effective relief for Haemorrhoid sufferers.

Haemorrhoids are a very common problem, and are a cause of extreme pain and discomfort to sufferers. The
Suprox© Ice Baton treatment has been developed to use a combination of ice therapy commonly used to reduce swelling and tissue damage following injury and sanitisation with Suprox© liquid to remove the chances of infection. Ice therapy application on haemorrhoids provides almost instant pain relief, but more importantly the ice constricts the local blood vessels and decreases tissue temperature. The Suprox© Ice Baton by its very nature means that it is much easier and cleaner to use for sufferers and care staff than the conventional creams and is an excellent replacement for the traditional frozen finger method.

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